"COBRA HEAD" STREETLIGHT (Coming in December 2018) 

Traditional Cobra Heads which have been used for Street and Highway illumination for decades have long been the staple on roadways within, around, and between cities and urban areas. The high cost of maintenance and operation have made them a prime target for upgrade.



Our sleek design that maintains the more traditional oval shape is most often preferred to the boxy, rectangular fixtures that are becoming far too common.

Available in a wide range of power options with very attractive pricing:

● 30W (4650 Lumens)    ● 40W (6000 Lumens)    ● 50W (8500 Lumens)    ● 90W (13050 Lumens)  

● 100W (17500 Lumens)    ● 150W (25500 Lumens)    ● 200W (30000 Lumens)    ● 240W (34800 Lumens



  • Pure aluminum as heat sink, offering an efficient cooling system.


  • Powder coated finish, heavy duty protection against corrosion, making it easy to clean and maintain.


  • PC optical lens, high light transmittance, providing uniform light distribution.


  • 175LM/W ultra-high light efficiency, guaranteeing extremely high energy savings and emission reduction


  • Simple structure design, leading to reliable performance, easy maintenance, self-cleaning, and anti-ashing.


  • IP66 waterproof rating, lightning resistant, surge protector.

  • 3-PIN, 5-PIN, 7-PIN NEMA Plugs are optional, and can be enhanced using intelligent controls.

  • Wall mounting, pole mounting, vertical mounting, etc., compatible with a variety of pole sizes.