At 130 LM/W and three wattage options, our LED UFO Highbay fixture packs a punch. Indoor or outdoor rated IP 66, this fixture is ideal for any warehouse application, garage, gymnasium, workshop, supermarket, storage yard and more.


  • OPTICS: UFO has clear polycarbonate lens for maximum beam output. Field changeable lenses available for 60° and 120°. Standard lens is 90°. Standard CCT is 5,000° K, with an option for 4,000° K available. CRI >70. Ideal for color correct environments.


  • ELECTRICAL: Efficacy is a superb 130 LM/W, with a lifespan of 70,000 hours, and a 7-year warranty.  Total lumen output is 13,000/24,500 at 5%. Standard input is 120/277v, and optional 347/480v drivers are available.


  • CONSTRUCTION: UFO is constructed using rugged premium cast aluminum.


  • MOUNTING: Can be cable or pendant suspension mounted. Hangar bars are available for 2 or 3 light “fixtures”, allowing for maximum coverage.  Wall mounting brackets are also available.

Available Designs:

100 watt (HB-JL04R2-100W-YYN70)

150 watt (HB-JL04R2-150W-YYN70)

185 watt (HB-JL04R2-185W-YYN70)